Positive Adderall Effects

There are many positive Adderall effects for sufferers of ADHD and Narcolepsy, if the drug is taken correctly. However, the positive Adderall effects result in the drug being misused and/or abused. Adderall is increasingly being abused by college students and teenagers. College students become immensely stressed, which results in them turning to the drug Adderall. Why, you ask? Let's discuss the positive Adderall effects first, and then we'll elaborate on why exactly the drug is so popular among college students and teenagers.

Positive Adderall Effects
  • Amplifies Alertness.
  • Increases ability to focus on specific tasks.
  • Increases energy.
  • Sense of well-being.
  • Increased motivation.

So why would college students and teenagers be interested in taking the drug? Because Adderall is a stimulant, it becomes appealing to the stressed, tired, over-worked students and teenagers. They're under the impression that if they take the drug, they will be able to write better papers,  stay up all night to be able to write the papers, retain information more accurately, or in other words: Become better students. In a lot of cases, that assumption is correct. The Adderall drug is a stimulant and works like it's supposed to. In some cases it makes the student more focused on his work, make him/her more alert, and increases their energy and motivation, which ultimately would result in a better educational outcome. It's no secret either.

In 2004, The University of  Wisconsin conducted a study which concluded that over 14% of the University students had used Adderall to help them perform better in school. Sienna College also conducted a study, which concluded that over 17% of students had used Adderall to help increase their educational performance. Unfortunately, these positive Adderall effects do not happen to everyone. Some people experience very negative Adderall effects, especially if one is allergic to amphetamines or dextroamphetamines. What some fail to realize is Adderall effects can be very negative. It is imperative to educate oneself about the negatives Adderall effects, to better help protect oneself and others.

Although there are strict medical restrictions on Adderall such as no pharmaceutical refills without another prescription, the drug still is prescribed and resold illegally to college students and teenagers. We would like to remind everyone that Adderall should not be used without a prescription by a doctor. While this page outlines the positive Adderall effects, this shouldn't be used as motivation to use the drug. This page's sole purpose is to medically educate the public about the positive Adderall effects on sufferers of ADHD , Narcolepsy, and other conditions, and to outline the growing problem with Adderall abuse. Please see the Negative Adderall Effects to educate oneself on the dangers of Adderall.

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