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NU study finds ADHD diagnoses on the rise
Daily Northwestern
One Weinberg freshman who asked to remain anonymous used an Adderall substitute, amphetamine salts, throughout high school for his ADHD. At NU, he found an untapped market in performance-enhancing drugs. "It's in pretty high demand," he said.
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Gavin McInnes's How to Piss in Public details 'a hoser's life'
National Post
"Adderall gets it out, amphetamines, and then I go back over it after some bourbon, which gives it balls. Then I do a pass on pot, after smoking a joint, and that funnies it up," says McInnes, who slips a Maple Leafs jersey over his flannel shirt while ...
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National Post

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Adderall cause receding gums
Adderall cause receding gums - Personal Training Courses will drink driving offense and it goes back a started as a trainer. Black white and red your exs candy ...
The Effects of Soft Drinks On Adderall | ADHD News Articles ...
Adderall is a drug used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. Adderall stimulates chemicals and nerves in the brain to help control ...

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