Adderall Effects on Students and College Campuses

Drugs like Adderall and Ritalin are supposed to help the focus of kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but they may not be the only ones getting help. Many students who do not have ADHD or ADD, have found that the Adderall effects can give them an edge, and that has led to a huge increase in the number of kids using and abusing what some call a "brain drug", or "performance pill." But some medical experts are concerned, stating that the adderall effects could cause serious problems.

A young student, Tiffany Franks, has always been a good student, with good grades; even when running track and cheerleading. She states "I've made the honor roll every single time." When it was time to take the ISTEP test (Indian Statewide Testing for Educational Progress), she felt pressured to do well. "We wanted to like study and be up, and do really good on our test", she says. So at age 14, she turned to a pill that she thought gave her an edge. "I started taking Adderall my 9th grade year", she says.She didn't have ADHD, but got adderall pills from someone that did.

A fellow student who rode the bus with here did have ADHD. She says he would bring adderall to her everyday for free, she didn't even have to pay for them. Tiffany is not alone, more kids from around the globe are getting their hands on adderall, illegally. In 2009, 6.9% of Indiana 9th graders admitted they had tried adderall. Those numbers continue to climb towards 12% at the 12th grade level. And this is just the state of Indiana. That number jumps even more as students enter college.

The University of Kentucky revealed while 4% had prescriptions for adderall, 34% had used adderall. The study was conducted by Alan DeSantis PhD at the University. He states "If you were to ask what percentage of juniors and seniors are using ADHD medication, the number is well above 50% pushing 60%. And if you add in juniors and seniors who are fraternities and sororities, the number is as high as 80%." That was the case for one sorority member at the University of Kentucky. She asked not to be identified, but she states "Several of my friends are like, they'll come into a test and be like 'You know, I feel really good about this, I was up all night studying, you know-popped a few adderall' and they end up doing pretty well on the test." She says adderall gave her an advantage as well. This arises the question, does this give an unfair advantage to students who are on adderall?

Some experts say it does. One medical experts compares it to steroids and performance enhancing drugs in sports, and state that students who take adderall are essentially cheating. Another medical expert says it pushes the brain and heart too much. Which arises another question, what are the possible adderall effects that could be experienced?

One medical expert states that adderall effects include mental illnesses, heart problems and addiction. He also says adderall could be used as a gateway drug. Although he didn't give any specific percentage, he states that abusers of the adderall drug are more likely to try more serious drugs like cocaine and heroine.

So does Adderall truly give an unfair advantage? Is it considered cheating? I guess it's up to you to decide. If you do take the drug for educational purposes though, please be careful.

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